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Wifi Booster & Super Powerful Wifi Repeater WiSonic® Pro
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Improve your WiFi signal for an optimal streaming and browsing experience

  • Stronger and faster WiFi connection

  • Covers all the corners and blind spots in your home

  • Quick and easy installation

  • Compatible with all routers

"The range of 5G is incredibly wide, providing a fast and stable connection even in the most remote areas." - Leon B.
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Experience unparalleled internet coverage with the WiSonic® Pro Wifi Booster & Repeater. This powerful device eliminates dead zones in your home, ensuring high-speed connectivity in the kitchen, bedroom, garage, and even the yard. With dual-band technology, it supports both 5G and 2.4G networks, offering up to 1200M speed and secure, seamless connection with its four 2dBi antennas. Perfect for streaming, gaming, and online meetings without interruption.


Product Type: WIFI Repeater, 1200M

Setting OSD: English, German, Spainish, French, Italian, Portugues

Wireless Security: 64/128 bit WEPWPA/WPA2, WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK(TKIP/AES)

WPS buttom: Yes

Atenna Type: 4 pieces 2dBi antenna

Networks: wireless 2.4G and 5G; 1 x 100M LAN port

WiFi standard: IEEE 802.11n/g/b, IEEE 802.11ac, IEEE 802.11a

WiFi speed:  


        11ac: Up to 867Mbps(dynamic)        

        11a: Up to 54Mbps(dynamic)     


        11n: Up to 300Mbps(dynamic)    

        11g: Up to 54Mbps(dynamic)    

        11b: Up to 11Mbps(dynamic)

Mode of Use

Plug in the WiSonic® Pro near your current Wi-Fi router.

Press the WPS button on your router, then on the WiSonic® Pro to connect it to your network.

Position the WiSonic® Pro in an area where the Wi-Fi signal is weak.

Connect your devices to the WiSonic® Pro network using the new SSID.

Enjoy expanded Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home.

The WiSonic® Pro comes with a detailed user manual for easy setup and troubleshooting.

Package content

1 x WiFi Booster and Repeater

1 x Installation manual

Shipping & Delivery

Compatible with all network providers

Struggling with Weak Wi-Fi in Certain Home Areas?

Wi-Fi shouldn't dictate where you work or relax in your own home. Yet, many find themselves confined to specific rooms or areas due to weak signals. This frustration grows when attempting to stream, game, or attend online meetings, only to face interruptions, slow downloads, and buffering. The need for a stable, strong Wi-Fi connection throughout every corner of the home has never been more critical.

Transform Your Wi-Fi Experience and Enjoy Seamless Connectivity Everywhere

Boost Your Wi-Fi Signal with Expert-Recommended WiSonic® Pro

Upgrade your home Wi-Fi network with the WiSonic® Pro Wifi Booster & Repeater. Designed to extend your Wi-Fi coverage to every corner of your home, this device ensures fast and reliable internet in traditionally hard-to-reach areas. With dual-band support and advanced security protocols, enjoy seamless streaming, gaming, and video calls wherever you are. Network providers highly recommend it for its effectiveness and ease of use.

Why the Wifi Booster WiSonic® Pro?

Up to 1200Mbps speed

Dual-band 5G and 2.4G support

Four high-gain antennas

Simple plug-and-play installation

Ensure Every Corner of Your Home Has Fast, Reliable Wi-Fi

Say Goodbye to Wi-Fi Dead Zones and Hello to Unlimited Freedom

Transform your home into a connectivity haven with the WiSonic® Pro Wifi Booster & Repeater. No more moving around to find a signal or compromising on where you can work, play, or relax. With this device, enjoy fast, reliable Wi-Fi in every room - from the attic to the basement, and even outdoors. Embrace the freedom of seamless connectivity everywhere in your home.

Unlock Full Home Wi-Fi Coverage for Unmatched Online Freedom

Wifi Booster WiSonic® Pro VS Standard Wifi Booster

The advantages of the Wifi Booster WiSonic® Pro over Standard Wifi Boosters

Other Boosters

Max Internet speed

Ready to use

4 External antennas

CE certified

Compatible with all routers

Supports WPS Setup in 8s

Excellent value for money

Free delivery in UK

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